We have plenty of reefs and other interesting dive sites to visit depending on your level of experience and expectations. We offer single and double dive trips, night dives, snorkeling, and special trips for advanced divers. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore and enjoy the wonders of our beautiful underwater world.

Diving sites in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo


  1. El Pretil
  2. El Pango
  3. El Faro
  4. La Caleta del Chon
  5. La Piedra Solitaria
  6. El Yunque
  7. Manzanillo (snorkelling)
  8. Godornia



  1. San Esteban
  2. El Tigre
  3. Sacramento (shallow)
  4. Sacramento (deep)
  5. El Chato
  6. Zacatoso
  7. Torrecillas
  8. Los Morros de Potosí