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  1. Evie02-29-12

    Talking Scuba taltloy agrees that drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage before a dive is dangerous and could lead to a diving related injury. However, after a recreational dive some people enjoy talking about their dive experience over a beer or two with friends/fellow divers. Our show is edgy entertainment with some great educational moments for recreational divers. Think of our show as a post-dive get together with diving buddies. You will never find us drinking alcoholic beverages before a dive. In fact we promote healthy hydration by drinking water before a dive.Thank You for watching our show and informing us of your concerns.Creator/Director of Talking ScubaJohnny B

  2. Terry02-18-13

    Just did 4 dives. Great experience. Last 2 dives with adv divers, were able to go a little deeper and have good bottom time, swim throughs, 40′ viz
    We got picked up from sailboat and beach, very accommodating
    Would recommend Carlos scuba from beginners to advanced.
    Well done.

  3. Amy Grainger03-14-13

    Absolutely amazing experience! Thierry is a phenomenal dive master who makes you feel right at home in the water and on the boat! Highly recommended!! Best experience yet!

  4. Todd Borger03-21-13

    We dove with Thierry today. We saw 8 eagle rays, a sea turtle, 3 large eels, seahorses, and many other things. It was great. Thierry is really good.

  5. Chester Gorman11-12-13

    Dove with Thierry last week. Had a Great Time. Highly Recommend this group. After your dives spend the day on Las Gatas Beach. Thanks Thierry.

  6. Tim Fletcher02-28-14

    We had 2 dives with Thierry, and even though the visibility was poor, he was such a gracious host and attentive dive master, we still had an awesome time! Really fantastic!

  7. Anna07-01-14

    Thierry is incredible. He is very knowledgeable, personable, and very caring. You can tell he likes what he does. I have never felt more comfortable, and I learned so much technique from him.

    One bad thing: Thierry, if you are reading this, don’t ever let that guy Memo take over for you again. sorry, but he’s careless and bad for business

  8. Tyler01-07-16

    Carlo scuba is a great outfit! I got my open water certification with them and then did a day of diving. They were very helpful setting up the dives, had all of the equipment ready to go, and were just really friendly throughout. Valeria was my instructor and she was great, very friendly and also an excellent instructor. I appreciated their approach to safe, fun diving. Theirry runs an excellent business and is very nice. He let me borrow a dry bag for my stuff and was very accommodating. If you are diving around Zihua/Ixtapa I highly recommend them!

    As for the diving itself, Carlo Scuba has a number of nice sites. They know the cool stuff to see at each place. Overall it is “smaller” diving than other places, lacking the “big stuff” like sharks, lots of sea turtles, etc. However, the marine life is diverse, colorful, and interesting. We saw rays, seahorses, the other boat saw sea turtles and a large nurse shark, jack, and numerous bright species and crabs. Very enjoyable diving!

  9. Cheryl Garrett02-26-16

    I wanted to let you know that I got my iPad back.
    Thank you for your help. We really enjoyed our
    time with you and your family.
    Much love, Cheryl

  10. R Hope03-12-17

    Every time we go to Ixtapa which is every year we dive with Thierry. It is always safe, fun, INCREDIBLE. Your always treated like family. This year his replacement master was awesome. She made it a great time. I can’t say enough about the way we are always treated by all of the team at Carlos scuba. Plan on a trip every year….Their Family

  11. Peter Sager11-30-17

    Huge thanks to Jess, Chilolo and the entire staff at Carlo scuba. My son had not dived for about a year and Jess dedicated some time to bring him up to speed. She completely put him at ease. The other dives I did were nothing short of fantastic. Thanks again! Peter Sager

  12. R. Hope01-30-18

    Once again we make our flock to Zihuatanejo for 2018. And again getting treated like family by Thierry, Chilolo and Jessica along with the entire staff at Carlo Scuba. In Thierry’s absence Jess was “AWESOME”. I took the advance course with her and I could not have had a better teacher (besides Thierry of course). She taught me so much and made it fun and enjoyable. Can’t say enough about this team!! And the dives were incredible.
    See you guys in 2019…

  13. Wendi03-06-18

    Highly recommend Thierry for diving while in Zihuatanejo- BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! He cares about the people he serves and treats you like family. The restaurant serves great food and always with a smile and impeccable service. One time we brought our catch of the day back to them and they cooked it up perfectly for us. We have visited many times and will continue to spend precious vacation time with them because you really can’t ask for more!

  14. Gregg01-07-19

    Thierry and Crew

    Thank you so much for an awesome dive experience on January 4th. We threw a complicated mixture of divers with a wide variety of experience and you and your team handled it with ease. We had some great dives. Our new divers were able to see a competent, professional and attentive dive master in action. Our experienced divers were able to have a relaxing dive with 50′ of visibility. We will definitely come back next time we are south of the border.

  15. Brian02-26-19

    My wife and I had been away from the sport for a while, but when we got in touch with Thierry he had no problem in getting things set up for us. The equipment was great, the staff was most professional and knowledgeable, and they made the reintroduction to diving fun, easy, but above all a safe experience. We did 2 boat dives and had a great time with good visibility and an abundance of things to see.
    Thanks our divemasters Yle and Dom for a great experience!!!

  16. R. Hope12-05-20

    Well another trip this time with all the kids and grandkids…It had been awhile since I had dived with Thierry and it was awesome as I recalled years ago. Jessica took me and my daughter out for some great shore dives. Her showing me some great macro shots was definitely an experience, I needs lots of practice…ha
    This dive team is awesome, treat you like family, super professional no matter who you go with and remember the little things like customer service, extra care with unseasoned divers. The entire team Thierry, Jessica,Chilolo, and even Alex with awesome food and drink service. It was so nice for my entire family to meet this family. Thank you all for making it great again!!

  17. Zach Moser02-16-23

    Fantastic dive shop, very professional and safety is never compromised. I have been on 10 or more dives with Thierry and Jess and never had a bad experience.

  18. NLC03-13-23

    I just had 3 days of wonderful diving with Thierry! Though the visibility at the surface was poor, and the water was brisk, Thierry had a hood and wetsuit to help get me underwater and into the clearer depths surrounding Zihuatanejo. We were not disappointed: octopuses, sea horses, rays (of all sorts), turtles, eels (so many different varieties), Nudibranchs, and so many fish! Great dive area and a wonderful dive operator. Can’t wait to come back!

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