As anywhere else in the Pacific Ocean, our reefs offer an amazing variety of underwater life.

You will find a variety of beautiful species from sea horses, crabs, octopus, eels, moray eels, stingrays, electric rays, starfishes, urchins and lobsters to all kinds of fishes such as stonefish, trumpetfish, pufferfish, drumfish, angelfish, grouper, chub, butterflyfish, jack, goatfish, needlefish, spadefish, grunt, parrotfish, flounder, triggerfish and guitarfish to name a few.

On a lucky day you might see an eagle ray, a sea turtle, or a big manta ray.

Conditions vary throughout the year, such as visibility, temperature and currents. Visibility can go from 10 feet to 80 feet, and depends on the season, depth and ocean conditions. Temperature also changes with seasons and depths, and can go from 65ºF on the coldest days to 85ºF. Average is 78ºF. Currents are normally none to weak. As conditions can change from one day to another, please feel free to contact us for more specific information.

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